Parmesan pancakes with scrambled eggs and shiso cress

If the man and I used to have fun in Hamburg clubs (yeah , that came before), there was after getting up at 14:00 clock only a wholesome breakfast: kebab. I loved it when the man pulled a pair of trousers over his pajamas, slipped on some slippers, and made his way to the doner kebab. My brave hero! During that time I was able to pull the blanket over my head again and, cuddled up in soft cushions, think extensively about whether my headache was a bit bad, really bad or really, really terrible.

If at some point I get that Keys in the door, I knew that everything would be a little bit better. The man served the doner with garlic sauce and fries on a tray directly in bed. So I had to just loosen the blanket a bit and could fish with a fork for the life-saving, salty fast food. Lo and behold: Doner wins against hangovers and two headache tablets later, I was again halfway socially acceptable and the German language powerful. Oh, that was nice!

Today we grew up somehow and do other exciting things. Of course, it does not swell so much with child. What's actually quite good, because even our view on mass meat on the rotisserie has changed a bit.

However, has not changed my appetite for hearty and salty after evenings, where the last glass of wine maybe not absolutely should have been. So not that someone accidentally thinks we have become completely reputable, ne. A little hangover breakfast is very popular now and then.

Today I'll show you my current favorite for hangover breakfast 2.0 from Jamie Bella Italia: Parmesan pancakes with scrambled eggs and a small green topping. The salty fluffy pancakes with the tender egg are wonderful and just make you happy. So that the whole thing does not come across too powerful, some peppery greens provide the fresh taste kick: Shiso-Cress.

And this is how it works for 2 - 3 servings:

1 cup of flour with 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 Put a cup of milk and 1 egg in a bowl. Whisk well with a whisk and season well with salt and pepper . Lift 60 g of grated Parmesan under the dough. Heat 1 tsp oil and butter in a pan and place the dough spoonwise. Bake from both sides until the pancakes are golden brown. Continue with the remaining dough.

Whip 3 eggs with 4 tablespoons milk and salt and pepper season . In a second pan heat 1 tsp butter and add the egg. Stir until it is just stabilized. Remove the pan from the heat and let the scrambled eggs follow. .

Cut off 1 box of shiso-cress and light with a little lemon juice .

Pancakes with scrambled eggs on Decorate plates and decorate with cress, some grated Parmesan and coarse black pepper.

Tip: Pancakes, which are not eaten in the morning, are a great filling for sandwiches later or cut into small pieces as a soup filling.